Should you wish to apply for a flat, you can request an application pack by telephoning the Policy and Operations Officer on 020 4511 6301 or download an application form from our website. Alternatively, you can send an email to


There are currently no vacant Boone's Homes flats. However, we do operate a waiting list so please apply if you are interested in a flat.

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Aged 57 and above*

Limited financial assets

Ability to live independently**

*The flats are suitable for both single people and couples. In order to qualify for a flat, both members of a couple must be aged 57 or over.

**Boone's Homes flats are provided for those who are capable of independent living. Merchant Taylors’ Boone’s Charity does not provide any nursing or personal care and there is no warden. Where a resident requires assistance from Social Services to enable them to continue to live independently, then they are responsible for arranging, and maintaining these services, with the relevant agencies. 

Click here to view examples of welfare benefits that Boone's Homes residents may be entitled to

Information for applicants (Almshouse Availability)

The Trustees of the Merchant Taylors’ Boone’s Charity appoint residents for Boone’s Homes.

When the Trustees have vacancies at Boone’s Homes they will award the almshouse flat on an in-need basis, bearing in mind the circumstances of the candidates being interviewed. 

Whilst we run a waiting list, when there is a vacancy, the vacant flat is rewarded to the applicant who is most in need, not the applicant who has been on the waiting list for the longest.

The Application Process

Once a completed application form has been received, the application will be assessed and if an applicant meets the criteria, they will be placed on the waiting list.  

When a flat becomes vacant those on the waiting list will be contacted to make sure they still wish to be considered. They will be invited to come and view the flat. The applicant will then be interviewed in their current accommodation by two members of staff.

Following this meeting applicants will be informed if they will be offered the flat, will remain on the waiting list or informed that the flat would not offer the right accommodation they need.

Completed Application Forms

Once you have completed an application form, please either email it to or post it as follows:

Merchant Taylors' Boone's Charity

Merchant Taylors' Hall

30 Threadneedle Street



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