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Boone’s Homes provide state-of-the art, safe and comfortable charitable housing in 34 flats at Christopher Boones’ Court, to people who are aged at least 57, able to live independently and with limited financial assets.

The other 30 flats at Christopher Boone's Court are privately owned and One Housing Group are the landlord of the whole site.

The Boone's Homes flats are suitable for both single people and couples. If a couple wishes to apply for a flat, both people must be age 57 or over.

The flats are modern and spacious, with communal areas, a large garden complete with shared vegetable-growing space, and wheelchair accessibility throughout. The flats are designed to facilitate residents’ changing needs and to encourage community spirit.

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Boone’s Homes is the new name for the Merchant Taylors' Company Almshouses. Merchant Taylors' is proud to have provided almshouses since the Middle Ages, first in the City of London, and now in Lewisham.

The Company built London's first Almshouses in the 15th century and over the course of the Company's long history several sites have been used for housing for those who require it most. Then in 2019, the Company unveiled the completed Christopher Boone's Court, a new development in partnership with One Housing Group housing association.

If you wish to learn more about the Merchant Taylors' Company, please visit the Company website.

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